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  • Does XD chewing gum prevent tooth decay?
    Answer: Yes. Extra Drive chewing gum prevents tooth decay, as it contains Xylitol instead of sugar. Currently, this substance is considered the most useful sugar substitute for teeth. Once in the mouth, Xylitol destroys bacteria and prevents their growth, which helps to protect teeth and prevent tooth decay.
  • Are there any contraindications for taking XD chewing gum?
    Answer: There aren’t any contraindications for taking XD chewing gum. However, individual idiosyncrasy to product components may occur.
  • What is XD chewing gum made of?
    Answer: The main active ingredients of Extra Drive chewing tablets are exclusively natural components: amino acids, vitamins and minerals, extracts from plants good for the health. Each Extra Drive gum contains sugar substitute Xylitol, which destroys bacteria in the oral cavity and prevents their growth.
  • Who manufactures XD chewing gum?
    Answer: Chewing tablets Extra Drive are manufactured by an Estonian company Vitale XD. Company’s portfolio includes new innovative dosage forms, based on the technology of production of effervescent or fast-dissolving tablets, which require special manufacturing conditions, orodispersible tablets, lozenges, chewing tablets and other solid dosage forms. Company Vitale XD is a 100% Estonian business, which has its own manufacturing facilities (www.vitale.ee), is licensed by the Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia (License No.559) and has a Good Manufacturing Practice certificate GMP No. 2011/10/34.
  • How to buy in USA ?
    Answer: Dear friends! If you want to buy our products, and you live outside the Ukraine, you can order it on export@vitalexd.com. Minimal order is 1 (one) box = 28 packs = 280 blisters (10 chewing gum in each blister). Order amount is 420 Euro (1.5 Euro/blister). Delivery time depends on a country. After prepayment we will send you your order in1-2 days. Thank You! Be Fit!
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