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Antiseptic Fresh
Antiseptic Fresh

For people, who take care of their oral cavity, as well as for those, who need to neutralize food, smoke and alcohol smells. The main component is zinc, which has an antiseptic effect, disinfects oral cavity and, thus, suppresses odor. Improves skin, nails and hair condition. Xylitol in chewing gum composition helps reduce the risk of tooth decay and bad breath.


Recommended for disinfecting oral cavity and odor suppression. Take after meals and as required during the day, chew for minimum 5 minutes.

Dosage: Antiseptic Fresh is recommended for adult consumption up to 10 pieces per day.

Composition: Zinc biglycinate, natural peppermint flavor, xylitol, gum base.

Zinc is a vital element for human body. Zinc is a natural immunomodulator and a powerful antioxidant, which contributes to the process of lymphocyte maturation, stimulates synthesis of antibodies and, thus, increases resilience of a human body to infections and has a pronounced antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect. Zinc also plays an important role in balancing metabolism (protein, carbohydrate and phosphorus), as well as in reproductive system regulation. It reduces dry skin occurrences, allergic reactions, acne and is vital for healthy hair and nail growth. It is involved in the cleavage of alcohol in the body.

Xylitol is the most useful sugar substitute for healthy teeth. It prevents growth of pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity and, thus, helps lower the risk of tooth decay and avoid bad breath.

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