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Anti-Stress Relax
Anti-Stress Relax

For office staff in stressful conditions due to excessive workloads. Active ingredients in the gum composition have a calming effect, help reduce the feeling of fear and increase stress resilience of the body. They also improve concentration and mental performance. Xylitol in the chewing gum helps prevent tooth decay and bad breath.


Theanine content corresponds to 2 cups of green tea. Take 1 hour before the desired effect, chew for minimum 5 minutes.

Dosage: Anti-Stress Relax is recommended for adult consumption. Take no more than 10 pieces per day.

Composition: L-theanine, xylitol, vitamin B12, natural peppermint flavor, gum base.

L-theanine is an amino acid received through special processing from tea leaves. It is a natural and harmless relaxant that improves mood, helps relieve anxiety and depression. At the same time it helps you focus, while improving mind concentration. L-theanine is not addictive.

Vitamin B 12 (cyanocobalamin) – helps relieve the symptoms of insomnia and depressive conditions. Increases your energy level and concentration. Balances your appetite.

Xylitol is the most useful sugar substitute for healthy teeth. It prevents growth of pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity and, thus, helps lower the risk of tooth decay and avoid bad breath.

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