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Anti-Hunger Slim
Anti-Hunger Slim

For people, who take care of their weight and have trouble following a diet. Hoodia Gordonii extract in the chewing gum composition reduces appetite, increases efficiency, raises endurance during physical exercise. Xylitol in chewing gum composition helps reduce the risk of tooth decay and bad breath.


Recommended to suppress the desire to consume food between breakfast, lunch and dinner. Take regularly, 1 hour before and 2-3 hours after a meal during the day, chew for minimum 5 minutes. To lose weight and for better effect, combine with Fitness chewing gum.

Anti-Hunger Slim is recommended for adult consumption. Take no more than 10 pieces per day.

Composition: Hoodia Gordonii extract, xylitol, peppermint flavor, gum base.

Hoodia Gordonіі is a species of cactus, which has long been known for its unique ability to suppress hunger. Out of more than 20 types of Hoodia, just Hoodia Gordonii contains a substance, which has the same effect on nerve cells as glucose. This deceives human brain into believing that the body is full. Hoodia helps prevent overeating, stay vigorous and efficient while on a diet.

Xylitol is the most useful sugar substitute for healthy teeth. It prevents growth of pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity and, thus, helps lower the risk of tooth decay and avoid bad breath.



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